02 Jun 2016
June 2, 2016

June 11th: Fair Park 80th Anniversary Celebration

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The Light Crust Doughboys were proud to make the announcement in May, that they were invited to join in on the four-day celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

From Wednesday, June 8th through Saturday, June 11th, Fair Park will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Centennial Explosion with a free, four-day festival.

Fun and engaging activities are planned in order for the entire family to commemorate one of the city’s greatest treasures and historic landmarks.  Open to the public, the event will highlight the past, present and future of Fair Park.
During the anniversary celebration, the public can experience the park’s museums and exhibits at no charge.  Guests will also be able to purchase food and beverages throughout the event series.

The event will include concert performances from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Jazz & Blues from local musicians like Joyce Lofton, Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy Jazz Band, Herbie Johnson (quartet) and Sheril Riley; great Country & Texas Swing from artists like Quebe Sisters and The Light Crust Doughboys; Polka from BraveCombo and more.

History Exhibits from The Dallas Center for Architecture, Dallas Historical Society and Preservation Dallas will curate an exhibit about Fair Park and it’s past, present and future.  In addition, there will be featured clips from the 1936 Exposition Opening as well as a film entitled “A Fair to Remember” by filmmakers Cynthia and Allen Mondell of MediaProjects.org.

Park activities will include performances, art and more scattered around the grounds.  There will be vintage lawn games, water rides, a zip line and new children’s area that includes playground equipment and a vintage carousel.
There will be a re-invented speakeasy, which is rumored to have been a hot spot at Fair Park in the 1920’s, with live music, lounge seating and beverages.  “Friends of Fair Park” members will gain access to a special section with full bar and casino games.

And as tradition, each night will end with a Fireworks Show.



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